Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Grazing Adventure, Central to Town Hall Sydney

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

The very hipster Chur Burger
The thing about being married is it's easy become complacent about the time you spend with each other. Uncle G was very sweet this week and suggested spend some quality time as a couple. We would spend date 'day' visiting some eateries I've been keen to try.
Enjoying the diner feel
 Over the past few months, I've felt behind in the 'burger scene'. New burger joints seem to be popping up week after week. Burger Project, Mary's, Pub Life, Crisp etc. And of course Chur Burger! Seem like every week someone's talking to me about Chur Burger, so today we decided to tick that one off the list!
Selection of hot sauce - impressed Uncle G
 While waiting for our burgers we amused ourselves trying to decide which hot sauce we wanted to try.
Grilled beef (x 2), cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo,
pickle - $10 (+ $4 for double meat)
 Uncle G gets the beef burger with double the meat (typical). I struggle to hold this tower and manage to have a few bites. It was so gooooddd!! I especially love the tomato jam, it marries the cheese burger perfectly. A good beef burger that doesn't disappoint.
Pulled pork, Chur BBQ sauce, red slaw, fennel mayo - $10
Talking about Chur Burger last night, my friends recommended to try the pulled pork. Usually I've been quite wary when it comes to ordering pork, purely because it can be a hit and miss sometimes. But this baby is a winner! Aunt T and Uncle G both give this one the thumbs up. It's pretty sweet and reminds me of a saucy rack of ribs, but bones removed, dumped in a roll with slaw. Crazy good, we devoured our burgers in minutes.
Uncle G's idea of hiking: "there's vegetation and we're walking i.e. hiking"
Satisfied with our meal, we keep moving for stop 2. We heard of a new ramen place in the city, therefore, it HAD to be tried. After all, it shares Uncle G's motto: No Ramen, No Life.

Yasaka, Liverpool St Sydney

Boasting its freshly made, rich tonkotsu soup and seeing the braised pork options reminded me instantly of Gumshara. Then as we enter the store, the narrow single row of bench seating against the kitchen was reminiscent of small diners in Japan. Although promisingly authentic, it was a worry how the restaurant would fit enough people. O but never fear, there is a level 2, yay!

Yasaka Ramen, level 2 seating
Tonkotsu Shio Ramen with Egg - $15.80
 Didn't you each just finish a Chur Burger? The answer to that is: yes, we did. But it's not an adventure if you just eat 1 thing, is it? That would just be lunch. We got #10, Tonkotsu Shio Ramen with egg to share. The highlight was definitely the egg. Marinated just long enough for the egg white exterior to take on a light brown and taste mildly savouy, all while the centre remains perfectly runny.

The soup was definitely thick, rich and full of collagen. We prefer a lightly thinner soup, as the thick style is a little sticky for our palate. But it is a promising bowl of ramen - especially the eggs (given the thumbs up by Uncle G).

Aqua S, Regent Place Sydney 

 To end our adventure we need some dessert. I've seen a lot of pretty pictures about this Aqua S soft serve place, so we decided to give this a go.

The business model was simple.
1. Choose from cone, small or large cup.
2. Choose a flavour from Lemon Tea, Sea Salt or Biscotti (or a mix of 2).
3. Choose your toppings: Fairy floss, toasted marshmellow, poppin' candy, caramelised popcorn.

Seems simple enough right? Except they neglect to mention there is a 20 min wait if you want 'fairy floss' as a topping.
Sea salt & Lemon tea soft serve w toasted marshmellow, fairy floss - $6.30
Twenty minutes later, our ice cream is a pretty as a picture! The lemon tea flavour packs a sour punch, not to Uncle G's liking unfortunately, but I found it enjoyable. The sea salt flavour I chose because it was so pretty! Upon tasting it, it was actually surprisingly creamy. And the fairy floss works well with the combo, not only as novelty but the extra sweetness balances the sour and salty well.

Stuff ourselves was a lot of fun. I plan to do more Sydney CBD Grazing tours. Any suggested itineraries? 

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